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Built to clean tough loads in three powerful configurations.

  • High-Efficiency Front Load Washers


    • Select washers offer the Best Cleaning in the Industry enabled by PowerWash™ system*
    • ENERGY STAR® Qualified & HE washers can use up to 82% less water & 86% less energy**
    • Medium to extra large capacities
    • Quiet operation and optional stack kits allow for placement near bedrooms or in closets
  • High-Efficiency Top Load Washers


    • Select washers with the PowerWash™ system offer the Best Cleaning in the industry*
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified & HE washers can use up to 70% less water & 66% less energy**
    • Medium to extra large capacities
    • Low-profile impeller is powerful for deep cleaning and more gentle than an agitator
  • Traditional Top Load Washers


    • Small to medium capacities
    • Easy-to-use cycles and options
    • Select washers are ENERGY STAR® qualified
    • Includes Centennial™ laundry pairs

The features you need are specific to your lifestyle and family size.
Here are a few key things to consider when shopping for a washer, dryer or laundry pair.

  • The Maytag Difference

    The Maytag® Difference

    Commercial grade parts, 10-year limited parts warranties***, and durable long-lasting construction help deliver years of dependable cleaning.
  • Stain Removal

    Stain Removal

    Select washers give you the Best Cleaning in the Industry* enabled by the PowerWash™ cycle to help remove ground-in stains.
  • Size/Capacity


    If you spend a lot of time washing multiple loads, Maytag® washers and dryers have large capacities to fit more clothes into a single load. In fact, Maytag has the best cleaning of your largest loads, enabled by the PowerWash™***** cycle so you can spend less time doing laundry.
  • Save Energy & Resources

    Save Energy
    & Resources

    High-Efficiency washers and dryers and ENERGY STAR® qualified washers use less water and energy to help you save on your utility bills.
  • Measurements


    Before you buy, measure the dimensions of the cutout where your laundry pair will be installed and any entryways and doors that it will be delivered through. Also check the installation guide for power and water source requirements.
First Ranked

Best cleaning in the industry*

Maytag® Maxima XL™ MHW8000A has been ranked #1 by a leading consumer magazine.

*Among leading front load brands, comparable cycles and settings.

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