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  • 30 Day Quiet Guarantee

    Select Maytag dishwashers are guaranteed to be quieter than your previously owned model or Whirlpool Corp will take it back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


  • Advanced Moisture Sensing

    Maxima™ dryers use the Advanced Moisture Sensing system with three separate sensors, including moisture strips in the dryer drum, to evenly dry loads without over-drying to reduce the risk of shrinking.

  • Advanced Vibration Control™

    Gap dampers and springs minimize movement of the wash drum during spin cycle. Plus, enhanced software adjusts load distribution reducing vibration and noise.

  • Affresh® Dishwasher and Disposer Cleaner.

    A once-a-month maintenance product that helps eliminate and prevent the odors that come from trapped food and residue in dishwashers and disposers.

  • Affresh® Washer Cleaner

    A once-a-month maintenance product that helps eliminate odor development in front load and top load washers.

  • All-Welded Steel Construction

    Maytag® brand compactors are built with durable welded steel to ensure dependable performance for years.

  • Allergen Removal Washer Cycle

    A washer cycle that has been proven to eliminate 95 percent of common allergens, such as dust mites and pet dander, from fabrics.

  • AquaLift™ Self-Clean Technology

    Get your oven clean in less than an hour with odour-free, low temperature AquaLift™ technology. This exclusive coating on the interior activates with water and heat, allowing moisture to detach soils from underneath so food and debris easily wipe away.

  • Auto Clean Dishwasher Cycle

    This dishwasher cycle uses sensors to automatically adjust the water temperature, wash time, and number of fills for optimal cleaning.

  • Auto Clean Plus Dishwasher Cycle

    This dishwasher cycle uses sensors to track your soil, suds, and usage history. It automatically adjusts the water temperature, wash time, and number of fills based on your needs.

  • Auto Water Level Sensor

    See also IntelliFill™ Automatic Water Level Sensor.

  • Automatic Humidity Refrigerator Control

    A refrigerator feature that heats the door seal to help prevent condensation from forming.


  • Batch Feed

    This system lets you operate the kitchen disposal when a wall switch is not available. The disposal activates only when the auto-start lid is in place.

  • Beverage Chiller™

    This compartment holds gallon-size containers of milk or juice, and keeps them up to four degrees colder than the rest of the refrigerator.

  • Bridge Element

    A cooktop feature that bridges the space between two adjacent heating elements. This creates a larger cooking surface that’s perfect for oversize or oblong pans.

  • BrightSeries™ Interior Lights

    These refrigerator lights provide improved illumination for a brighter interior.


  • CEE Tier III Rated

    Based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency qualified product listings--with Tier III being the most efficient. This model features advanced water & energy savings.

  • CEE Tier Rating

    The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) rates energy efficient appliances by the level of resource savings in three tiers. Appliances with the highest efficiency are listed in Tier III.

  • CFM Ratings

    This term refers to cubic feet per minute, which is an air-movement speed measurement that rates the strength of a kitchen exhaust fan. When selecting an exhaust fan, check your range’s installation guide for ventilation requirements.

  • Ceramic Glass Electric Burners

    These shatter-resistant, easy-to-clean cooktops can withstand hard scrubbings and the weight of heavy pots without scratching.

  • Child Lock

    This feature helps keep kids safe by giving you the ability to lock functions on the refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range control panels.

  • Chilled Door Refrigerator Bin

    Removable and adjustable door bins in some Maytag® brand refrigerators maintain lower temperatures than the rest of the refrigerator. This helps keep beverages chilled to the perfect temperature.

  • Clean Washer Cycle

    This washer cycle helps rid the wash basket of odor-causing buildup. The use of affresh® washer cleaner during this cycle enhances results.

  • Commercial Grade Parts

    This designation refers to various components in all Maytag® brand appliances that have been tested in commercial settings, from leveling legs and baseframes in laundry to die-cast refrigerator- and oven-door hinges. Washer drive shafts and dishwasher motors have also been tested to last twice the life of industry standards.

  • Contoured Refrigerator Doors

    These doors fit flush with surrounding cabinetry for an integrated kitchen design. They help create a built-in appearance without the higher built-in prices or hassle of installation.

  • Convection Oven

    These ovens feature an internal fan that circulates hot air for even cooking temperatures. This fan helps seal in juices in meat, shorten cooking times, and produce even browning.

  • Cook and Hold Oven Option

    An oven feature that lets you cook dinner at the desired temperature, then keeps food warm by maintaining a temperature of 170 degrees for up to one hour.

  • Counter Depth Refrigerator

    A refrigerator designed with a profile that fits flush with the cabinetry. This creates a built-in look that doesn’t sacrifice capacity.


  • Deli Refrigerator Drawers

    These drawers provide ample room for deli meats, cheeses, and snacks, while temperature control also helps to keep them fresh.

  • Dishwasher-Safe Filters

    These hood vent filters catch cooking grease splatters and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Dispenser Lock

    This feature keeps the refrigerator dispenser from releasing water and ice.

  • Double Oven

    This type of oven offers two independently controlled units, which allow you to simultaneously prepare dishes that must be baked at different temperatures.

  • Downdraft Vent

    You can raise and lower this touch-activated retractable blower to fit into the countertop. The downdraft model will keep your kitchen clear of smoke and odors when you can’t install an overhead exhaust.

  • DuraCushion™ Dryer Drum

    This white powdercoated drum provides a smooth, scratch-resistant surface for less friction and wear on clothes.

  • DuraGuard® Nylon Dishwasher Racks

    These heavy-duty racks protect dishes from scratches and damage while also resisting rust.


  • ENERGY STAR® Qualification

    ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances have lower water and energy consumption, which can help decrease your energy bills.

  • Easy Access Refrigerator Pantry Drawer

    Save energy and time with easy access to your favorite fresh foods. The external refrigerator drawer makes it easy to grab drinks or snacks, and saves energy by keeping most of the refrigerator closed. This refrigerator-wide drawer can hold five grocery bags of food and includes adjustable dividers for added flexibility.

  • EcoConserve™ Refrigerators

    This line of refrigerators is designed to save energy, so you can save money on energy bills. They use less energy than a 60-watt bulb running continuously for one year, and exceed ENERGY STAR® standards by 10 percent.

  • Electronic Oven Controls

    This oven feature provides a touchpad that allows you to set the desired cooking temperature without using knobs or buttons.

  • EvenAir™ Convection

    Uses a high-wattage element and fan to roast up to 30% faster than a thermal oven and keep oven temperatures consistent to provide uniform browning and even baking.

  • EvenAir™ True Convection

    Uses a high-wattage element and fan to roast up to 30% faster than a thermal oven and keep oven temperatures consistent to provide uniform browning and even baking.


  • FIT System

    Get the wall oven that fits your life without worrying if it will fit your cabinet space. The FIT System’s flexible inserts are built to adapt to your current cabinet cut out, making installation easier than ever.

  • Fast Cool

    This feature temporarily lowers refrigerator temperatures to help quickly cool warm groceries after they are loaded into the refrigerator or freezer.

  • Fill-N-Chill™ Dispenser

    This refrigerator water dispenser option provides water and ice at the same time.

  • Flex Choice™ Simmer Burner

    This burner provides flexible levels of heat, offering full power, simmer, and warm settings in one burner.

  • Four-Tray Washer Dispenser Drawer

    This removable, self-cleaning washer dispenser drawer includes four compartments for detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and oxygenated stain fighters. This feature automatically dilutes laundry products with fresh water before they are added to the load at precisely the right time.

  • Frameless Cooktop

    This cooktop design features a stylish, flush porcelain-enamel surface that’s easy to clean.

  • Freestanding Range

    This type of range offers the largest oven capacities, in addition to the flexibility to be placed wherever you need it. For a built-in or custom look, consider a slide-in or drop-in model.

  • Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator

    This traditional refrigerator offers capacities ranging from 15 to 21 Cu. Ft. and puts frozen foods at eye level — a convenient option if you frequently cook frozen foods.

  • Fresh Hold®

    Fresh Hold® option uses a built-in fan and tumbling action to keep clothes fresh. Some models can wash and dry a small load overnight.

  • Fresh Hold™ Option with Dynamic Venting Technology

    In select front load washers,a first built-in fan and up to 10 hours of intermittent tumbling action helps prevent just-washed laundry from developing odor, even if it’s left in the washer overnight.

  • Fresh Spin™ Washer Option

    An option available in select front load washers that tumbles clothes every 13 minutes for up to six hours after the cycle’s end. This helps to keep wet clothes fresh, even if you don’t move them to the dryer right away.


  • Glass Lid Washers and Dryers

    Select top load washers and dryers feature glass lids, which make it easy to keep an eye on your cycle as it progresses.

  • Griddle Oven Burner

    This oblong oven center burner accommodates oval shaped pans and other longer and oversize cookware.


  • Half-Rack

    This oven accessory allows you to create unique configurations for more cooking capacity. You can remove one half of a rack to accommodate an oversized dish on the rack below, while keeping the second half of the rack intact for an additional dish.

  • Hard Food Dishwasher Disposers

    This four-blade hard food disposer pulverizes food, which prevents food particles from plugging the wash system and spray jets and reduces the need for prewashing.

  • Heavy Duty Oven and Cooktop Grates

    Maytag® brand ranges and cooktops feature cast-iron grates to provide a lifetime of durability.

  • Heavy-duty Roller Rack

    Heavy duty roll out racks feature full extension glides on ball bearings that slide out smoothly for easy access to large meals.

  • Hidden Bake Element

    In select range and built-in oven models, the baking element is located below the oven floor, creating a smooth surface so you don’t have to maneuver around coils to clean spills.

  • High Efficiency

    This designation refers to any Maytag® brand appliance that is ENERGY STAR® qualified and exceeds energy efficiency standards.

  • High Side Lower Dishwasher Rack

    Configuration is available in select dishwashers and creates enough vertical space for two 9x13” pans on the left side of the lower rack.

  • High-Output Gas Burners

    These powerful burners make cooking a breeze by generating extra heat for large dishes or boiling water quickly.

  • Hood Halogen Lights

    These lights are located in the oven hood and illuminate your work surface while you cook.

  • Humidity-Controlled Crispers

    These refrigerator drawers allow you to control humidity, which preserves the freshness of fruit and vegetables.


  • Impeller

    See IntelliClean™ impeller.

  • In-Door Water and Ice Dispenser

    These dispensers allow you to access fresh filtered water and ice right from the refrigerator door. Select models offer rotating faucets to fill large pans, and LCD touch screens feature nutrition information, quick tips, and use and care guides.

  • InstaWash™ Dishwasher Cycle

    This feature washes and rinses lightly dirty dishes in 30 minutes.

  • Integrated Dishwasher Controls

    With this feature, a control touchpad is integrated into the top of the door lid, instead of on the outside. This provides a sleek, premium appearance that’s also easy to clean. It also prevents accidental button presses that could start, stop, or change a wash cycle.

  • IntelliClean™ Impeller

    Available in high efficiency top load washers, this feature is a wash plate with fins that sit at the bottom of the wash basket. The wash plate continuously moves clothes through the water to clean clothes more gently than an agitator.

  • IntelliDry® Sensor

    This sensor measures moisture levels in the dryer and automatically stops when clothes are dry, saving time and helping to minimize the risk of over-drying and shrinking.

  • IntelliFill™ Automatic Water Level Sensor

    Front load washers use built-in sensors to detect the load size and automatically adjust water usage, which helps save resources.

  • IntelliTemp Automatic Temperature Control

    This feature offers a built-in sensor that monitors incoming water for correct temperature. With this feature, the washer begins filling after the optimal temperature has been reached.


  • Jetclean® Plus Steam Cycle

    Get a complete clean on everything from your messiest pans to your finest stemware with high pressure spray jets, increased water temperatures and the finishing touch of steam. No need to pre-rinse your dishes.

  • Jetclean® Plus wash system

    In select dishwashers, Maytag® brand’s Jetclean® Plus wash system combines the power of high-pressure spray jets to blast away stuck-on food, a stainless steel chopper to pulverize food particles, and a powerful filter system to keep rinse water clean.


  • LED Display for Refrigerators

    These innovative controls provide detailed information about the refrigerator and allow you to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator or freezer without opening the door.

  • LED Interior Refrigerator Lighting

    This energy efficient lighting package is located inside select refrigerators and provides increased illumination while producing less heat.

  • LP Gas

    This term refers to liquefied petroleum gas, or propane. Some gas-burning appliances, such as cooktops and dryers, use LP gas with the installation of a conversion kit.

  • Laundry 1-2-3™

    These organizational tools include pedestals and worksurfaces that help streamline laundry prep and keep the area organized.

  • Laundry Pair

    This term refers to a matching washer and dryer with complementary features and options for optimized cleaning performance.

  • Laundry Pedestal

    This accessory raises front load washer and dryer pairs for easier loading and unloading. The storage drawer in the 15.5-inch pedestal holds all of your laundry extras, including full-size detergent bottles.

  • Laundry Worksurface

    Non-slip worksurfaces sit on top of front load laundry pairs to convert the area into a seamless surface to sort, treat, and fold clothes.

  • Locking Oven Doors/Controls

    This safety feature allows you to lock the oven door or prevent small hands from turning on the cooking surface.



  • NSF Certified Sanitary Washer Cycle

    Washers with this option are certified by NSF to remove 99.9% of household bacteria in the wash. This is achieved by raising the water temperature and adding an oxygenated booster to top load washers, or with hot water only in front load washers.

  • NSF Certified Sanitize Dishwasher Option

    This dishwasher option meets the criteria set forth by NSF International for killing 99.999% of food soil bacteria by extending the length of the cycle and raising the wash temperature.

  • NSF Filtered Water

    These NSF-certified filters remove contaminants including lead and mercury from water.


  • Odor Control Fan

    This fan and charcoal filter in Maytag® brand compactors are designed to help keep the kitchen smelling fresh.

  • Optimal Dose Dispenser

    The Optimal Dose dispenser works in unison with PowerSpray to supply the perfect mix of detergent and water throughout the beginning of the wash cycle. This provides significantly better cleaning performance while using less detergent. The dispensing compartment holds up to 36 loads of detergent.* * Based on 6X concentration of HE detergent.

  • Overload Protection

    This feature allows you to reset the garbage disposal to prevent it from jamming.

  • Oxi/Color-safe Bleach Dispenser

    See Four-Tray Dispenser Drawer.


  • Pantry Drawer

    See Easy Access Drawer.

  • Pedestal

    See Laundry Pedestal.

  • Plastic Tub Interior

    This gray plastic interior is available on select dishwasher models and helps reduce the appearance of stains to keep the unit looking clean longer.

  • Portable Dishwasher

    A portable tall tub dishwasher provides a flexible option for a kitchen that has limited space. The unit can be stored in a closet or pantry when it’s not in use, and easily connects to a standard kitchen faucet when it is time to wash.

  • Power Cook Burner/Element

    These high-heat elements and burners allow for a wide range of cooking tasks that require intense heat like stir-frying and canning.

  • Power Preheat

    Preheats the upper or lower oven faster than conventional Maytag® ovens to help prepare meals quicker.

  • PowerSpray Technology

    This industry-leading technology ensures even detergent distribution for enhanced cleaning performance. A mixture of water and detergent is sprayed directly onto clothes to instantly start cleaning soils and stains.

  • PowerWash™ Cycle

    This cycle, which provides the best cleaning in the industry*, combines extra-cleaning action and a deep rinse to thoroughly clean dirty loads. The built-in water heater ensures enhanced soil and stain removal. * Among leading competitive brand front-load and top-load washers, comparable cycles/settings.

  • Precise Bake

    This feature provides power vents that evenly distribute heat throughout the oven, helping to cook foods with consistent and flavourful results.

  • Precision Clean Turbidity Sensor

    With this feature, sensors inside select dishwashers detect soil, detergent, rinse aid, and water temperature, and then adjust to deliver optimum washing and rinsing action.

  • Precision Cooking™ System

    This cooking system preheats the oven to exactly the right temperature and maintains consistently even temperatures for better baking and broiling results. Select models also use power vents to evenly distribute oven air for uniform browning.

  • Precision Preheat

    This feature preheats the oven based on the actual temperature you select, increasing accuracy and providing better results.



  • Right-Sized Ice Cubes

    This feature produces smaller ice cubes, making them an ideal fit for refillable water bottles and easier to blend for smoothies.

  • RollerGlide™ Oven Racks

    These oven racks roll in and out smoothly with no tipping, giving you better control when accessing food in the oven.


  • Sabbath Mode

    This cooking feature cancels the oven’s 12-hour shut off, allowing it to run for 72 hours.

  • Sealed Burners

    See Sealed Cooking Surface.

  • Sealed Cooking Surface

    With this feature, burners are secured to the surface of the range, forming a seal between the cooktop and the burner. This keeps spills and boilovers from seeping below the cooktop’s surface.

  • Sealed FreshLock™ Crispers.

    These full-size refrigerator produce drawers provide plenty of storage space, while humidity control helps prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

  • Self-Cleaning Filters for Hood.

    Hood vents with self-cleaning filters allow you to periodically flush out accumulated residue that may build up in the internal housing.

  • Self-Cleaning Hood Vent

    See Self-Cleaning Filters for Hoods.

  • Self-Cleaning Oven

    There’s no need to scrape and scrub- this feature uses above-normal cooking temperatures to automatically clean the oven interior. The added insulation in self-cleaning ovens also makes them more energy efficient. (See also: Steam-Clean Oven.)

  • Sensor Cook Option for Microwaves

    This microwave feature monitors humidity and automatically adjusts the cooking time for improved results.

  • Sensor Drying

    See also IntelliDry ® automatic sensor.

  • Silverware Blast™ Spray Jets

    Powerful spray jets focus three times the standard water pressure to clean stuck-on foods from silverware, eliminating the need to pre-rinse.

  • Simmer Burner

    See FlexChoice™ Simmer Burner.

  • Single Oven

    Ranges or built-in ovens with the single oven configuration have just one oven space. Double oven configurations are also available and offer added capacity, as well as cooking flexibility.

  • Slide-In Range

    This type of range refers to a unit without a backsplash, which offers a smooth, streamlined look for a premium kitchen appearance. Because of additional insulation needed in these types of ranges, they tend to offer less capacity than in comparable freestanding ranges.

  • Smart Dispenser

    See Four-Tray Washer Dispenser Drawer.

  • Smooth Balance™ Laundry Suspension System

    Thanks to Maytag® Commercial Technology, this feature reduces vibration and noise in washers to help keep loads balanced while spinning at top speed. In dryers, drum rollers work with drum glides to reduce vibration.

  • SmoothClose™ Freezer Drawer Tracks

    This freezer drawer design makes storing and accessing frozen foods easy. It can be opened and closed effortlessly while holding up to 120 pounds of food.

  • SoundGuard™ Stainless Steel Dryer Drum

    This special stainless steel drum is made to help reduce the noise made by coins, zippers, belt buckles, buttons and other hard objects while tumbling.

  • Speed Heat™ Burner/Element

    The Speed Heat™ burner/element is perfect for handling large cooking jobs such as searing steak or quickly boiling water.

  • SpeedCook™ Microwave Technology

    A powerful microwave feature that uses halogen and quartz light energy to produce baking results similar to a traditional oven — in less time

  • Split & Fit™ Silverware Basket

    This specially designed silverware basket can be divided into two to fit almost any loading configuration.

  • Stacking Laundry Kit

    This laundry accessory helps you conserve valuable floor space by securely stacking front load washer and dryer pairs.

  • Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber

    Disposers with stainless steel grinding chambers are more durable and less likely to have parts that become worn or break after years of use.

  • Stainless Steel Interior

    This feature is available in select microwaves and dishwashers. In addition to providing a high-end appearance, it helps retain heat for quicker drying in dishwashers, and resists stains from splattering food in microwaves.

  • Steam Enhanced Dryer Cycle

    Select dryers have a nozzle that releases a mist of water into the warm drum to create steam. The feature helps remove wrinkles and odors from a small load of just-worn clothes, or prevents wrinkles from setting into a full load of dry clothing.

  • Steam Sanitization Cycle

    Washers with this feature use the gentle power of steam to deep clean fabrics and eliminate at least 95 percent of common allergens.

  • SteamClean Dishwasher Option

    Dishwashers with this option use high-heat steam, created by heating the water in the bottom of the tub, to gently reduce spots on glassware. This energy efficient option is even gentle enough for crystal stemware.

  • SteamClean Ovens

    Forget the harsh chemicals or cleaners — this feature allows you to spot clean the oven floor in about 20 minutes with only water. When used periodically to clean light spills, it keeps the oven floor clean and reduces the need for frequent self-clean cycles.

  • SteamClean Washer Option

    This laundry option delivers a boost of steam that penetrates deep into fabric fibers to lift out and eliminate ground-in dirt and set-in soils.

  • Store-N-Door Ice® System

    The ice bucket is located in the freezer door in select side-by-side and French door refrigerator models, which frees up shelf space for more food

  • Strongbox™ Door Hinges

    Provides structural integrity for the door frame, keeping doors aligned and reducing cold air loss. These hinges are built strong to stand the test of time against countless openings and closings.

  • SuperSize Capacity Max

    High efficiency top load washers clean clothes without the use of an agitator, creating capacity for larger, bulkier items like overcoats and sleeping bags. By accommodating more clothes at once, these washers also allow you to complete your laundry in fewer loads.


  • Tall-Tub Dishwasher

    This type of dishwasher features an oversized capacity tall tub that provides plenty of space for larger loads and room for oversized dishes and pans.

  • Temperature & Soil Sensors

    See Auto Clean Plus Dishwasher Cycle.

  • Tiered Upper Dishwasher Rack

    This adjustable rack allows you to clean larger items on the bottom rack.

  • Timed Cooking

    Cook, bake, and broil at your convenience with this feature that lets you set the oven to turn on at a predetermined time and temperature.

  • Twice the Life Dishwasher Motor

    With average consumer use and when set to the normal cycle, the motor in select dishwashers has been tested to last up to 20 years — twice the life expectancy of comparable dishwashers.



  • WideGlide™ Microwave Tray

    This extra-wide tray is designed to move back and forth inside the microwave for uniform cooking results. It also accommodates cookware as large as a 10" x 15" pan.

  • Worksurface

    See Laundry Worksurface.

  • Wrinkle Prevention

    With the Wrinkle Prevent Option, clothes continue to tumble every five minutes without heat for 150 minutes after the drying cycle is complete to help prevent wrinkles from setting into clean, dry clothing.


  • Zinc-Coated Interior

    Maytag® brand compactors feature a zinc-coated frame and base to help minimize vibration and prevent misalignment of interior components.