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Slide-In vs Freestanding Range

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen appliances? If so, you may find yourself deciding between buying a new freestanding range or a new slide-in range. Yes, freestanding ranges are still the popular choice for many people, but slide-in options have been recently gaining in popularity.

This article will break down slide-in ranges vs. freestanding ranges, so you can make an informed choice for your kitchen.

What Is a Freestanding Range?

Ask someone to imagine the typical range and they will most likely picture a freestanding range with a cooktop surface above one or two ovens.

Freestanding ranges use either gas, electric or dual fuel with a single control panel to operate both the cooktop and oven. These types of units are equipped with backguards where the controls are located and help protect the wall behind the range from splatters and messes.

One benefit of freestanding ranges is that they allow for more installation flexibility. Because of their finished sides, you can choose to either install them between cabinets or on their own.

Remember, freestanding ranges are usually not the best option for kitchen islands as the backguard would rise above the counter and impacts sight lines.

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What Is a Slide-in Range?

The big difference between freestanding and slide-in ranges is installation. Many slide-in ranges can only be placed between cabinets for a seamless look whereas most freestanding ranges offer more option variety. Many slide-in ranges have finished sides, but some do not, limiting their ability for standalone installation.

Maytag® slide-in ranges have finished sides so you can install them on their own or in between cabinets for a fluid appearance.

Controls for slide-in ranges can usually be found on the top or the front of the appliance. There are no backguards on these ranges, meaning that many homeowners opt to install a backsplash behind the range.

A slide-in range’s sleekness have made them popular for kitchen remodel projects and/or to be installed in kitchen islands. Their overhanging sides stop food and liquids from spilling into gaps between the cooktop and counter.

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The Difference Between Freestanding and Slide-in Ranges & Are They Interchangeable?

There isn’t a huge difference between freestanding and slide-in ranges with respect to performance. Still, the two styles are not completely interchangeable. For one, the presence of a backguard on freestanding models differentiate them as does where the controls are located on each type of range.

There’s also the height difference caused by the placement of the controls to consider. Freestanding ranges usually have their controls at the rear whereas the controls on slide-in models are located at the front making freestanding range controls higher than slide-in options.

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While many slide-in ranges have full depth, several are actually a few inches from the wall. This means there are often a few inches of countertop space that wraps around the back of the cooktop. If you want to replace your slide-in range with a freestanding model, you will probably have to update your countertop configuration as well.

If you’re swapping your freestanding range for a slide-in model, you may need to fill a two-inch gap (or possibly a larger one depending on your kitchen). Another task you may have to undertake is to update the wall behind your range. The purpose of this is to protect it from steam, water and stains.

Maytag®slide-in ranges can be installed against the wall. Front control slide-in ranges fit standard cabinet depth of 24 inches. .

Prior to buying a freestanding or slide-in range, consult with an appliance retailer and/or a remodeling professional to confirm if your kitchen can adequately accommodate your new range.

FIT System Limited Guarantee

Replacing your range with a Maytag® range just got easier with the Maytag FIT System Limited Guarantee! This limited time offer ensures that a new range with the FIT System can be properly installed into your kitchen’s existing cabinetry of compatible width and configuration. If not, you have up to 30 days from delivery to submit a claim and Maytag will provide up to $300 toward professionally modifying your cabinets. This excludes installations related to new home construction or remodeling.

Slide-in Range vs. Freestanding Range – How Do I Decide?

When deciding between a slide-in vs. freestanding range, consider your kitchen layout, style and the overall needs of your household.

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