Regular incandescent bulb and halogen bulb with prongs

Step 1: Find the right oven light bulb replacement

Most ovens use a standard 40-watt incandescent appliance bulb (A15), while others may use a halogen bulb up to 50 watts. To know for sure, check your appliance’s Use and Care Guide or wait to remove your current bulb in the next steps, then check it for identifying numbers printed on top or on the metal. Find new bulbs online or at your local hardware store.



Step 2: Turn off the power and remove oven racks

Keep in mind that your oven's Use and Care Guide should have model-specific instructions. Begin by unplugging the oven or disconnecting power using the circuit breaker. Make sure the oven and cooktop are cool and the control knobs are in the off position. Remove racks.

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Step 3: Locate your oven light bulb

The light bulb is often located in the back of the oven, on the upper right or left side. It should have a clear cover that will need to be removed. An incandescent bulb cover will be larger and often bulbous while a halogen cover is smaller. Get help finding your light with this guide to oven parts.

Step 4: Remove the cover and light bulb

Incandescent light bulb cover turning countertclockwise

Incandescent: Push the metal strap aside. Turn the cover counterclockwise to remove. Then gently turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove.

Halogen light bulb cover pulling off oven wall

Halogen: Grasp the front edge of the cover and pull it away from the oven. If the cover appears to be screwed in, unscrew it. Then, gently pull out the bulb. It should not be difficult to remove.

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Don’t give up if the cover is stuck

A light bulb cover can be hard to remove if the oven needs cleaning. Try loosening build-up by applying a few drops of dish soap between the bulb cover and the housing that it's screwed into. Or completely clean your oven using this comprehensive oven cleaning guide.

Step 5: Change the oven light bulb and restore power

Incandescent light bulb cover turning clockwise

Incandescent: Screw in the new light bulb, as well as the cover, by turning them clockwise. 

Halogen light bulb cover pushing into oven wall

Halogen: Oils from your skin can damage halogen bulbs, so use a tissue or cotton gloves to insert the new bulb. Then replace the cover by snapping it back into the wall.


Restore power and test the new light. If the light still doesn't work, the problem may be located somewhere else, like the bulb housing. Check your Use and Care Guide for more troubleshooting tips.


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