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Guide to Choosing the Right Dishwasher Size and Capacity

To find the right dishwasher size, you need to carefully measure your kitchen, decode the capacity, and consider what features you will use most. By choosing the right dishwasher, you will be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle while complimenting your kitchen.

What Size Dishwasher Should I Buy?

A typical home dishwasher fits into a cabinet opening of 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches tall. This is generally considered to be a standard dishwasher measurement, and many kitchens today are built to accommodate it. Maytag offers a wide selection of standard-sized dishwashers with a range of load capacities and features designed to help you fit the dishes you use the most.

Modern white kitchen with Maytag dishwasher Modern white kitchen with Maytag dishwasher

Retailers often list dishwasher dimensions based on the opening of the cabinet. For instance, a dishwasher that is 23-½ inches wide may be listed as a 24-inch dishwasher because that is the size opening it requires. When shopping on Maytag.ca, you can find the specific dishwasher dimensions in the product details section. Be sure to compare the product dimensions to your available space before buying a new dishwasher.

Tips for Measuring a Dishwasher’s Cabinet Openings

Built-in dishwashers need to be completely enclosed on all sides, including the top once they are installed. When choosing a dishwasher, make sure that it fits snugly into your cabinet opening. However, a unit that fits too tightly may not slide in all the way. It's better to leave a little room for additional trim if necessary. Here is an easy dishwasher sizing guide to get you started finding the correct size dishwasher for your kitchen.

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The dishwasher connection location can vary depending on the model, so be aware of this when shopping for a new dishwasher.

Measuring dishwasher width illustration Measuring dishwasher width illustration

1. Measuring Dishwasher Width

  • Determine the distance between the cabinets in the rough opening.
  • To ensure accuracy, first measure near the top of the opening, and again near the bottom. If there is any difference in the measurements, use the smaller one.
Measuring dishwasher height illustration Measuring dishwasher height illustration

2. Measuring Dishwasher Height

  • You need to measure the distance between your floor and your countertop's lowest point.
  • If the countertop appears to have an even underside, take two measurements to account for minor sloping that could affect clearance. The first measurement should be taken near the back of the opening, then a second measurement should be taken near the front.
  • The feet on most dishwashers can be adjusted to add a little height and to level the dishwasher.
    Note: Never try to estimate the distance based on what's already there rather than measuring an empty opening. If new flooring has ever been placed in your kitchen, it may not have been installed underneath the dishwasher. It's possible that the floor under your dishwasher is lower than the rest of your kitchen.
Measuring dishwasher depth illustration Measuring dishwasher depth illustration

3. Measuring Dishwasher Depth

  • Make sure you measure from the front edge of your cabinets to the back of the dishwasher opening.
  • It is better to measure each cabinet along the side to account for any variations between them.
  • If you are deciding where to install or what size dishwasher to buy, keep the dishwasher door clearance in mind. The dishwasher door should be able to fully open, and the racks should be able to slide out so you can freely move around your kitchen while you prepare and clean. A minimum of 27 inches beyond your cabinets is usually required.

Keep in mind that towel bars, handles, and the placement of the dishwasher controls may affect the dimensions and space your new dishwasher will take up in your kitchen. While these features will not affect rough opening requirements, they will affect the way you interact with your new appliance. Front control dishwashers keep settings and cycles within view, at your fingertips and flush with the dishwasher door. Fully integrated dishwashers, or top control dishwashers, keep controls hidden away for an extra sleek look. A dishwasher with handles can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen design. However, if your dishwasher will be installed in a high traffic area, a dishwasher with pocket handles will help to reduce overall dimensions.

How Much Capacity Do I Need for My Dishwasher?

Woman loading a dishwasher Woman loading a dishwasher

A dishwasher's dimensions and capacity are different things. Larger dimensions don't necessarily mean more dishes can fit inside.

There are differences in the interior of every dishwasher, such as the number of racks, the placement of tines, as well as the available features which can help the interior hold more dishes. After you have determined the dishwasher dimensions that fit your kitchen, look at available features and capacity to find a model that suits your needs.

The capacity of a dishwasher is measured by how many place settings it can hold. Standard-sized dishwashers usually hold between 10 and 12 place settings. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers considers 1 place setting to include the following:

  • Large dinner plate
  • Small snack plate
  • Saucer
  • Bowl
  • Coffee cup
  • Drinking glass
  • Knife
  • 2 Teaspoons
  • Dinner fork + Salad fork

Increase the Flexibility of Your Dishwasher With a Third Rack

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Innovations such as dishwashers with a third rack give you extra rack space up top. Third racks can range from slim spaces for kitchen utensils to ones that fit dishes such as cups or bowls. Put more than utensils in the Maytag® 3rd Level Rack. Featuring a specialized wash zone and bowl and mug holders, this unique dishwasher design offers more loading space and cleaning power.

Discover Your Perfect Dishwasher Size

To determine the appropriate dishwasher size for your kitchen, start by determining the dimensions that will fit your space - from standard dishwashers to compact and oversized models. Then look for a capacity that makes sense for you with features that fit the dishes you use the most.

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you have a better understanding of dishwasher sizes and capacity, you may be ready to buy one that suits your kitchen and lifestyle.

Our Dishwasher Buying Guide was designed to help you find a dishwasher that is built tough enough to blast through whatever you can load in.

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