A Guide to Cooktops:

What You Should Know When Buying a Cooktop

There is an assortment of features, configurations and fuel types for cooktops on the market. Because of the variety, it can be challenging to select the right one for your kitchen.

If you’re considering adding a cooktop to your kitchen, here are some things to think about.

What is the difference between a cooktop and a rangetop?

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Cooktops are fueled by either gas or electricity. They can be installed in countertops, the controls affixed on the horizontal plane. Since the infrastructural requirements are fewer, they can usually fit into spaces where a rangetop can not.

Maytag Rangetop


Most rangetops are powered solely by gas. You can choose from two design options: professional or commercial. Many units feature details like heavy-duty knobs and grates and can be installed above a countertop, over the edge with the controls in a vertical position.

Rangetops are not available through Maytag.

Fuel Types

Deciding Between Two Options

A cooktop’s response time is influenced by the fuel type. Gas and induction ones adapt well to variances in temperature. Radiant cooktops, though, can take a bit more time.

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Gas Cooktops

Powered by natural gas or propane, gas cooktops are a popular choice for chefs due to their precise burner control and ability to heat quickly. Gas has the ability to deliver a nice sear or the right amount of heat for gentle simmering or wok cooking.

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Electric Cooktops

Electric cooktops come in three options: radiant, induction or coil.

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Radiant Cooktops

Radiant cooktops have a clean design and responsive elements that are able to reach high temperatures. Because of its smooth surface, cleaning them is easier than gas cooktops. Certain models have burners that expand and contract. This allows them to better match the size of a pot. They also have a protective coating to help negate scratching.

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Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops may function differently than other types of cooktops. They work via a coiled copper wire that transfers an electric current underneath the cooktop. This creates a magnetic current that travels throughout the cooking apparatus. This is important because heat doesn’t have to divert through the cooking surface and instead can go directly to the cooking vessel. The result is that they can typically cook in less time and more efficient than their radiant and gas counterparts. Induction cooktops have a flat and level surface, which helps you clean with greater ease. The burners expand and contract, which is key to helping match a burner to the size of a pot and can offer increased versatility. Induction cooktops offer what many consider to be impressive precision, so you can cook at a high temperature or a low heat. This way you can sear a steak or melt chocolate with the same level of ease. Induction Cooktops are not available through Maytag.

For cookware to perform adequately on most induction cooktops, it has to be made of a magnetic metal. To test if a pan will work on an induction cooktop, simply hold a magnet close to it. If the magnet is attracted to the pan’s surface, it can be used. You can also run a compatibility test by placing the pan on the cooktop. If the display flashes or you hear a distinct clicking sound, then the pan can not be used. Remember, the right pans deliver better cooking results.

Some radiant and induction cooktops are WiFi enabled. This grants owners access to remotely monitor and control certain cooktop features, including, in some cases, the ability to communicate with the ventilation hood, which normally operates based on the burner’s activity. Connected cooktops are not available through Maytag.
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Coil Cooktops

Coil cooktops are typically less expensive than some other options. The downside is that they generally take more time and effort to clean.

Coil cooktops are not available through Maytag.

Cooktop Power & Elements

Gas burners are measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The formula is simple: the higher the BTU output, the higher the heat produced which is useful for searing meats, (15,000 + BTUs). A lower BTU output means a lower heat, ideal for melting butter (5000 BTUs).

Radiant, induction and coil burners are measured in watts. The higher the wattage the higher the heat. This is beneficial for searing various meats (2000 watts). A lower wattage results in a lower heat to help simmer sauces (1000 watts).

Certain radiant and induction cooktops can accommodate Grill and Griddles with bridge elements. The elements typically range in size from 4” - 12” (10.2 cm to 30.5 cm) to match the majority of pot sizes.

Size & Burners Available

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Looking for a cooktop to fit with your existing kitchen space? There are several available sizes to help you out.

Cooktop sizes come in a range of widths, including 30”, 36” and 48”. For smaller kitchens, certain brands offer 15” and 24” widths. There are significant variances in depth based on the model and fuel type but the typical range is between 20” and 28” deep.

A cooktop’s width determines the number of burners. You will usually find 1-2 burners on a 15” cooktop. 4-5 burners on 24” and 30” cooktops and 5-6 burners on 36” cooktops. If you are looking for more, 8 burners may be available on models that are 48” or instead of additional burners you could have the option of installing a Grill or Griddle.


Maytag Cooktop Knobs

Built-in cooktops are usually available in black and stainless steel. However, several other styles and colours are offered to complement the design of your kitchen. Induction and electric cooktops are considered to have a more modern or contemporary look while gas cooktops have a more classic feel. Black tops are often edged in stainless steel. Some models come with knobs whereas others feature touch control.


Extra configurations are available for certain cooktops.

Downdraft Cooktop

Downdraft cooktops have a ventilation system installed inside the below cabinet that sucks smokes and odours directly from the cooking surface. This system adds flexibility because it removes the need for an additional overhead ventilation hood. This can help create a more open feel in the kitchen. Downdraft cooktops offer a variety of venting options. Downdraft Cooktops with Grill and Griddle options are not available through Maytag.

If you choose a downdraft cooktop you will need proper external venting. This system requires open space underneath a counter or a proper external floor or wall ventilation in order to be installed. Carefully review the installation instructions for any cooktops. We advise consulting with your builder or cabinet supplier to confirm that your cabinet materials are of a good enough quality to withstand any potential damage that could occur while the ventilation system is functioning.

Grill & Griddle

Improve versatility with the addition of a Grill and Griddle. Only available with some cooktops.

 Maytag Grill Attachment


Enjoy grilled meats, vegetables and seafood no matter the time of the year with a Grill in your kitchen.

Griddle Cooktop


Typically, a Griddle is a large cooking surface that is adept at grilling sandwiches or making pancakes, eggs, hamburgers, vegetables and a ton of other popular foods.

Cooktops with Grill and Griddle options are not available through Maytag. However,
some Maytag electric cooktops come with Reversible Grill and Griddle attachment


Whirlpool Cooktop

Cooktops are usually installed on a countertop against a wall. To achieve a more engaging kitchen vibe, a cooktop can be installed into an island. Certain wall oven models can be installed below a cooktop. It’s recommended, though, to give thought to ventilation when deciding on your cooktop location. Wherever you choose to install your cooktop, check that there is sufficient room for the ventilation installation per the provided requirements.

Whirlpool Cooktop

Most cooktops extend slightly beyond countertops. Those that are flush usually belong to luxury radiant and induction cooktop brands.

Follow the manufacturer’s templates and installation guides to cut the countertop to fit a cooktop.