Learn more about the PowerCold® feature’s food storage temperature control.

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Take your time loading groceries — the PowerCold® feature cools quickly to get back to optimal refrigerator temperatures

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Push PowerCold for refrigerator temperature control.

Control the Cold

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Three forces go to work to keep the refrigerator temperature nice and cold.

Three Forces at Work

Cold air

Cold air is filtered from the freezer to quickly drop refrigerator temperatures

Air flow

Air flow ensures cool food storage temperatures reach each compartment

Up to 24 hours of cold air

Up to 24 hours of cold air brings food and drinks back to optimal temperatures

Hold the cold with the PowerCold® feature.

Holds the Cold

Whether you’re loading leftovers or groceries, cleaning the refrigerator or just browsing for a snack — press the PowerCold® feature to quickly cool and keep things fresh.

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Reset your refrigerator temperature quickly with the PowerCold® feature

Maytag designed the PowerCold® feature that works quickly to restore optimal refrigerator temperatures. Its one-touch control design makes it easy to cool down quickly after loading groceries, cleaning shelves, browsing for items and storing leftovers. Best of all, it helps take the guesswork out of food storage temperatures – just close the door and press the button for powerful cooling every time. Browse our models with the PowerCold® feature to find the right fit for your home. Visit your local Maytag retailer to learn more.



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