Air vents in dryer drum.


Dry air is pumped in as moist air is vented out.


Clothes tumbling in dryer.


The air is heated to evaporate water off clothes.


Clothes tumbling in dryer.


The drum rotates to keep clothes apart while hot air circulates through them.


Auto-sensing technology does the heavy lifting

Sensors monitor dryer conditions to achieve an optimal dry for each load — or whatever dryness level you choose.

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Advanced Moisture Sensing by Maytag measures temperature and moisture levels:

  1. A sensor monitors incoming air temperature

  2. Sensing strips in the dryer drum detect moisture levels in clothes

  3. Another sensor measures outgoing air temperature

When air reaches the right temperatures and clothes are as dry as they should be, the cycle stops.

Auto-sensing technology does the heavy lifting

Open oven racks
Unloading clothes from an auto-sensing dryer.

How auto-sensing dryers work to protect clothes

An optimal dry is whatever helps clothes last. Preventing overdrying drives how an auto-sensing dryer works. To achieve a safe moisture level for clothes, thicker fabrics, pockets and seams may come out slightly damp.

Benefits of auto-sensing vs. timed dry

Most dryers with auto-sensing technology also offer a timed dry option that lets you select exactly how long to dry. Compare the benefits of how auto-sensing dryer cycles work vs. timed dry below.


Auto-sensing cycles

  • Do the decision-making for you
  • Help prevent overdrying clothes
  • Adjust to loads with multiple fabric types
  • Automatically stop when clothes reach desired dryness
  • Save a trip by getting it right the first time
  • Energy efficient

Timed dry

  • You decide cycle times for loads you know

  • Lets you add enough time to eliminate any damp spots


The Extra power dryer button by Maytag.

How to get the best of both

Maytag® dryers with the Extra Power button combine the benefits of auto-sensing with the option to activate ten more minutes of drying action.

  • Extends time heat and tumbling on auto-sensing and timed dry cycles
  • Helps prevent underdrying of thick fabrics, pockets, hems and seams

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